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The Application

Cores and complete can be designed & manufactured in many various designs and materials to suit the customer individual requirement. Many model can ordered by cross reference to OEM part number. After market designs can benefit the customer by fitting a cooler that is suited to the actual operating conditions of the machine. Radiators can be fully engineered.


The Core


Conventional Radiator Heavy Plates: all our cores have pieced heavy plates giving greater support at tube to header joint.


Bonding: all cores are fully oven baked for stronger core matrix, higher transfer heat and long life. Other manufactures use tube to fin expansion method which fails rapidly.


Fin: cooper fin is standard on all our radiator cores.

Special brass fin for corrosion resistance will be available in the near future. Many various fin styles & designed are available to suit all various applications & condition


Conventional Radiator Tube: our standard heavy duty core is fitted with a heavy duty, Brass weld tube giving our cores extra strength, life expectancy & less machine down time. The light Duty lock seam tube is also available if requested. Many other manufactured use this lesser quality tube as standard.


Warranty: we are so confident of the Quality and superiority of our standard Heavy Duty product that we provide a 1 year conditional warranty on core matrix and solder work.


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