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Aluminium Plate - Fin Heat Exchangers

Aluminium Plate - Fin Heat Exchangers


Cooler For:

  • Lube Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Bearing Oil
  • Compressor Oil
  • Compressor Air

Design Pressure to 35 Bar

Test Pressure to 53 Bar





Meeting your highest expectations with cost efficient, air-cooled heat exchangers


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Air-cooled, aluminium heat exchangers, charge air coolers, hydraulic oil coolers. Combination oil/aftercoolers, custom built to meet your requirements.


A wide selection of process and ambient air fin geometries, are available to maximise heat transfer with minimum pressure drop within your operating conditions. In addition, a variety of ambient air fin geometries are available to minimise dirt built-up and facilitate cleaning when adverse operating conditions exist.


Flexible construction allows infinite number of core configurations annd size with no restrictions on thickness to custom design a solution to meet your requirements.


These all-aluminium coolers feature brazed, bar and plate construction for rugged reliability in a light weight design, assuring trouble free operation in event the most challenging condition. Innovative designs are proven for increasing heat transfer efficiency and lowering operating costs of finished products in a broad range of applications.


As well as custom built units we can also offer you repairs, cleaning and refurbishment of your existing unit at very competitive pricing.