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Locking Pressure Release

  • Safe to use in underground mining
  • Industrial and automotive caps
  • Robust design
  • Pressure ratings to suit all applications


Protect Yourself and Your Staff

People are burnt every year as a result of removing their radiator cap. Are you next?


Fit MINE-SAFE RADIATOR CAPS and let it take the worry out of checking your coolant 


Radiator CapAll Radiator Caps have the ability to release pressure in some form or other. HOWEVER in almost all cases this relies on the operator to turn the cap to the pressure release area on the filler neck of the radiator, thus relieving the pressure on the system

This is a common place but DANGEROUS way to relieve the pressure in the cooling system when a standard cap is in its pressure release position, the pre-load on the spring still allows the sealing rubber to make contact with the sealing area on the filler neck and does not allow a full evacuation of pressure from the cooling system

inserted cardboard tubing We inserted cardboard tubing into the filler neck and cap assembly to show there was no gap to release the balance of the pressure.



It is normal for most people to jiggle the cap at this point. DON'T DO IT. The cap in this position is very close to "Popping Off" which has meant on many occasions one slip and SOMEONE GETS BURNT.


And this is what MINE-SAFE RADIATOR CAPS did about that

coolant evacuation capability This view shows the coolant evacuation capability of our caps.
Over 80 Sq mm of surface area surface area pressure release.

Note: The Cap is releasing pressure to zero atmosphere while still fully clasped to the filler neck.

By using a MINE-SAFE RADIATOR CAPS, it means you can safely release the coolant pressure before you remove the cap, in fact, when this cap is in the locked position you can't take it off unless you lift the lever first. How safe is that?

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