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System Protector™

Mesabi® System Protector™ can be made to many configurations of lenght or diameter for most liquid and and air heat exchangers required by mobile and in-plant equipment. For specific applications, please contact us.


Mesabi� System Protector�

The Mesabi® System Protector™ heat exchanger provides a dependable safeguard for your systems that require constant operation.

  • Protect expensive equipment from downtime and costly repairs caused by cross-contaminated fluids
  • Alerts operator to leaking by sight gauge or electronic sensor
  • Has the field-repairable features of all MESABI® heat exchangers
  • Protects the environment
  • A collection chamber between the seals connects to an external fluid detection port and isolates fluidsMesabi� System Protector�
  • A standard sight gauge or optional electronic sensor can alert operator to leaking fluid
  • 12-month warranty againts seals leaking 
  • Operating Pressures:
    150psi (1034kPa) shell side - 50psi (345kPa) tube side
    150psi (1034kPa) shell side - 150psi (1034kPa) tube side 

Mesabi� System Protector�




RTTS® Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers

The RTTS bundle is comprised of individual tubes held in place with flexible seals. The seals prevent leaking by absorbing thermal and mechanical  stresses. Seals also allow tubes to be removed on-site using simple hand tools if cleaning or replacement is necessary.

RTTS� Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers

  • Flexible bundle design eliminates leaking
  • Repairable on-site
  • Liquid-to-liquid, liquid-to-air, air-to-air heat exchage
  • For both in-plant and mobile equipment
  • Maximum pressure*
    • Shell side: 150 psi (1000 KPa)
    • Tube side: 50 psi (350 KPa)
  • Maximum temperature*
    • Water: 230° F (110° C)
    • Oil: 275° F (135° C)
  • Can be made to almost any configuration of lenght and diameter

*For Specific applications consult engineering


Component Materials 





Header Plates Steel**
End Caps

*Copper Nickel Optimal

**Stainless Steel Optimal 

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